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When participating in the NBC broadcast show, Kitel said: "People talk about the rumors, but I will not treat them as real. Jimmy is my quarter-saving, and it is also a four-point guard. No, we can't help The super bowl, so I will not replace him with anyone. He is the team irreplaceable leader. "

In December this year, Parm is about 38, the 2017 season will be his 15th season, and his state in his last season will decline, but he still completed 4233 yards pass, 26 reaches and 14 teleculations. .

The jet is until a night of dolphin next Monday, so Wilkson will have an extra day, the jet (2 wins and 9 losses) have a relaxed training in Wednesday, then because Thanksgiving will have a rest, after this Training will be prepared for the competition on Friday. JACE AMARO is also in question. He is hurt in the head in the game, and will be evaluated by the cheap nfl jerseys from china's brain oscillation.

Dolphin defense: All second-line target Greekuski
For Miami dolphins, these two weeks are really not easy, they slow down JJ Watwatt's offensive, this week they need to face new England Patriots's close-end Edble - Gronkovski (Rob Gronkowski).

After Jimmy Garoppolo, two people contributed a lot of highlights. Kittel completed 85 battles, advanced 1052 yards, selected for the best lineup. The 49-person season eventually ended over the super bowl, and 11th pass in the 194th section of the Gallo Competition was completed three times, and 49 people were more than 10 points. Such performance also leads to a lot of questioning. Even a news called 49 people hoped to recruit Tom Brady, in this, Kittere shows its own support.

Tuesday, when he was involved in charity, he was interviewed by the reporter. When the reporter asked him about the 2017 season, he said: "This is a very good question, I have no answer. I love American football. Every aspect, I don't want to stop, but I have to wait and make a decision. "

"He looks not good", Ryan said, "But I hope that after a few days, I can come out from the injury." Wilkson is the leader of the jet now, and Cheap jerseys from china the team was hurt in the second section of the game lost to Buffalobier 3-138, and then did not return to the game. From Daozeburg (Leger Douzable). After the game, Wilkenson did not provide any details, but did not explain how to happen, but he can't play a little thing, because Wilkson is one of the most durable players in the team, in him. There were no absence in the top 59 games in the career.

He said: "I think he is a beast, everything can be done. You can run the route, the outstanding feel, protect the four-point guard, maybe he can also do running after four points But what we have to do will be the same as the other Watt in last week, let five offensive players go to him (the joking said). This second-line defensive team has deal with Gronkovski. "

The proximal strike is supported by Gallo Pubo
George Kittle has been fighting for three years in the Alliance, and has already played at least 6 games. In 2018, highlights, he was passing the ball in Nick Mullens.

The Hesmann winner, as well as the university national champion winner, is a true goal for him to win the super bowl, and the personal honor is not tight. He explained: "This is a team's role. , I am very safe in the pocket, everyone all the matter, this is the team movement. "

Gustosski: Signing a contract because of the stress of the patriot
Beijing May 15th, this year, STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI has passed a short leaving patriot, enter the free market test water. But in the end, he still chooses to return to his own actions.

Under his leaders, the Corolina panther has completed 14 wins and 0 negative records. His 40 reached the entire alliance, apparent that the MVP of the regular season this season is hard to find the second person in addition to Newton.

Jet defensive star toes injured possible
The jet defensive end Mohammad Wilkson has car magnetic resonance in Tuesday to check his toes injury, and it is possible to make him miss his career first game. The detection result of the nuclear magnetic resonance will not come immediately. The New York jet has not updated the state of Wilkson, who just started to be treated, but Rwax Ryan sounded very worried.

Gustosski said: "For me, this means a lot. This location is very fragile and variable. In my position, you don't need much effort in the bottom of the top and fall into the valley. The highest pressure in the history of sports. The chance of the team competition can not be, it can continue so very precious & hellip; & hellip; I like the challenge here, not just bad weather & hellip; & hellip; there is a pressure of key competitions, etc. Can be used together with friends, teammates It is great to play in a familiar place. "

Gustosski told reporters on Tuesday that he had considered signing from the contract, but returning to the superb bowl competitor's temptation, the opportunity and pressure got in the patriot, let him finally decide to re-sign the contract of 2 years.