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Welcome to Sciwiki, a public space for scientists.

This is intended to be a community forum for aggregating all of the information that isn't included in experimental procedures. Pages should focus on the purpose and practice of a technique, or any general information on a type of tool. I've currently split the pages into 4 categories, but suggest any improvements to the organizational structure here. I'm definitely open to restructuring to improve universality. A longer introduction to the motivation behind this site can be found at this post, with some context provided in this thread.

Synthetic Techniques

These pages describe techniques you would use to make something in a lab! Sample pages include:

The coprecipitation page is a good example of a possible structure for synthesis pages.

Characterization Techniques

These pages describe techniques you can use to understand what it is that you made! Sample pages include:

The FTIR page is a good example of a possible structure for characterization pages. The most mature category by far.


These pages describe the different tools found in a lab. The current categories include

The crucible page is a good example of a possible structure for tool pages.


Nafion Chemical Structure

This style of page could concern the actual reagents consumed in a lab. Basically an informal MSDS. Pages could include

No real template for this one yet; by far the least developed category

At this point, I've mostly just generated a ton of stubs, but I should be able to fill out all of these given some time. I am by no means an expert on all of this, so feel free to update pages with more accurate information if you know it! Even just a link to an external resource is highly useful.

Contact me with comments/concerns @Briantheligman on twitter or at