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MARSHAWN LYNCH MARSHAWN LYNCH During the team's training, the time was chatted with teammates and learned the attack tactics of the Auckland raid. At least in the training, the raids made him stay in the field.

"Yes, he did great, he did great," said Jack Del Rio, Jack Del Rio. "He will continue to do what we ask him to do. He is really working hard to learn tactics. He is doing very well in incorporation .... We have no problem here. He has always been like he said. It's really active. "

At present, the Houston and the Black Panther team do not make a detailed description of this decommission, and the retirement of Jonathan Martin is only less than one week from the retirement of Jonathan Martin. The outside world thinks that Houston's toe injury is an important reason for his retirement.

When Cooper accepted ESPN interview: "Most quadruples are not good, or it may not be intended to judge, because this location is more demanding. But (Prescot) He treated these very seriously. He Never missed power training & hellip; & hellip; he is very competitive, I want to do everything well. I rarely meet this kind of person, so I believe that he is worth all. Top pay The four defense will not be named. "

Since the first quarter of the rookie season, Prescott and Cowboys won the name of the partition, but his four-wheeled show annual salary and cabbage selling price. It can be imagined that there is a big plus raise in the future waiting for him.

On the other hand, the third fourth part of Wei Hanish led the offensive group is low, only 186 yards in the audience, abandon the handkerchief Pat McAfee, the number of kicks, the number of the game reached 8 times . The defensive group has not produced any ball translation. The defeat is also rational.

Tiger rookie runs to Jerem-Hill Hill 20 times a shock push into 90 yards, and 6 batts to advance 70 yards, which is the best player in the audience. The big win of the tiger is from the number of large numbers, and Dane Sanzenbacher has a 77-drawn kick to attack the Daniel, safety sani Manning. Take the passage of the Pony 4-point Wei Deller-Hanashi and attack 33 yards to complete the reachable, the external handle Cobia Hamilton will convert a short pass to a 50 yard Array.

The rookie runs the warwood tiger big victory
The last week of the preseason, for the protection of the main players, the main four-point guardian Di Di Dalton, Andrew Luck and most of the main players are made. The tiger has achieved a big bit of 35 to 7.

This 30-year-old old will absent the entire 2014 season due to the toe injury last season, and then signed a one-year basic salary contract in June this year. At present, this should be fully trained to stay in the final 53 national list. . Houston was selected by Atra Falcon in 2007, his last debut was on the Detroit Lion, and he was a war for his lion in the 2013 season. In his 7 years of career, he has played a total of 91 games and contributed 324 hugs and 13 copies.

Cowboy outside the liberty thinks that the quartzWrescot is worth the top pay contract
Beijing June 25th, the four-point guards, Dak Prescott, is also suitable for a long-lasting issue. At present, most people seem to think that he will take at least 30 million annual salary, Whatthehellamiagreeingto.Com but think that his performance is not worth this price.

Colv Wen was selected in the fourth round of the 2014 draft, was selected by Jacksonville America. He played 48 games in the American Tiger, including 25, a total of 45 hugs, 5 times. He obtained 29 cockroaches last season and 1 time destruction

Cole is poor in this game. Under his stare, the Saint players completed 2 buses, and the other saints took over Teddy - Jin En (TED GINN, JR.) In the last moment of the game, he finished him complete a long code. Saints have finally completed the killing shot.