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According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (ADAM SCHEFTER), Gold will sign with the team for a $ 10.5 million contract, including the option of 4 years of $ 19 million contract (15 million US dollars) gold).

The flashing team launched a counterattack under the Leader of Philip Rivers, and the group was spent more, and eventually completed the 15 yards of the 15 yards of the 15 yards from the old man Malcom Floyd. Achieve a counterattack in 7 to 3. After 2 minutes, the flashing team defensive group took the lead in difficult, and the defender Darrell Stuckey and teammates took over the Patriots, Brandon Lafell, Brandon Lafell, Rairier. Take the ball, Starkee picks up the ball and ran 53 code, helping the flash of 14 to 3. 5 minutes before the end of the first half, the lightning team abandoned kicks in this 28 yard, the Patriot team got off-attack opportunities before the other party, naturally won't miss this opportunity, he found nearly 5 Rob Gronkowski, completed 14 yards of pass to the game. Then, the patriots have the opportunity to come down to the city, but the passage of Braddy is copied by Manti TE & # 39; O), helping the flashing team at 14-1 13 more first half.

Just opened the flashing team won the heart, and the state entered slow. In contrast, the Patriot team was 8 minutes of offensive, and the Legarrette Blount was rushed out of more than 40 yards, bringing the Patriot Team into the Red District, but the patriot team's shooting The magical rumble of the Lightning Team Special Series, the flash is immediately attacked 80 code, but it is unfortunately canceled because of the offside. The Patriot team successfully shot 3-0 lead.

McKinley is the first round show in 2017. This season has been hitting 23 files in the game of the lion last week. The Falcon did not perform the contract option of McKeli before, and he will enter the free market after the end of the season. Mai Jinli completed a killing of this season, and his career completed 17.5 times.

Carol told ESPN reporters: "Yes, that is a pass to disturb the foul. I think they should look more detailed. If I have a pause, I will call the & hellip; & hellip; I want to give them enough time, so they will Not anxious, it is best to make your brain more clear, so they can see it. Unfortunately, it is the crucial moment of the game. "

Li Fulong said after the game: "We were looking back in New York, well .NBC angle lens to show the entire route is clear, based on what we've seen, this is not enough to stop the game but we really back. I saw it. We see the offensive player first contact defensive player & mdash; & mdash; no action is enough to affect the other's action, causing fouls. After defenders, try to support themselves, and then contact the offensive player. Similarly, there is no action is enough to affect the other person action Resulting in fouls. "

Falcon in the reconstruction period may have more listings. After the five-way defending, the club was fired after the opening of the five-game land, and Dan Quinn and the general manager Thomas Dimitlov (Dimitroff).

The wild horse teammates believe that Sanchez will become the first quarter
After getting a big contract of Von Miller, the superbown champion Danfo Yam next thing is obvious to choose the first quarter.

Falcon defensive end Mime Mai Jinli will not play Thursday, or traded
US time on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Falcon will not let the Takkarist McKinley play against the Black Leopard on Thursday.

However, if the only four defense of NFL appearance experience in the Kumoy selection team is not surprising. Sanchez career completed 72 debuts and 4 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs, 2 times entered the Melan Championship.

Giant safety sanitary tribute season future hope
For the fans who are familiar with the New York Giants, the "Play-up Hope" of Security Wei Hotel Roler is seems to have become a fixed program in each season. Let's go back to 2012, the giant has a head name of the partition with 6 wins and Cheap Nfl Jerseys 4 in November. Rar told the media that giants can win all the rest of the game, enter the playoffs with the identity of the No. 1 seed. In October 2013, the giants 0 wins 4 negative openings, Rohd confidently that the team had the ability to win 12 games.

Tuesday, Rar once again, coming again. When the question and team can squeeze in the playoffs at 9 wins and 7, cheap jerseys Rar said: "In my heart, this is no suspense." First no matter the confidence of Roh, we have to I acknowledged that he was a very good captain. He is good at mobilizing his teammates, regardless of the team's grades, he is full of confidence in teammates.

"Now, they give three people as much preparation time, so I don't think there is any advantage, because they have not continued to obtain an opportunity to occupy an advantage," Williams said on Wednesday. "But I think that before the start of the training camp, I want to kibyak coach to let us know that he is ready to choose Mark and give the Mark chance to see what he can do, then use this as a start."